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Sergio de Eccher


After having completed his Master degree in Political Science and International Relations at University of Padua (Italy) with a thesis centered on the new threats to States’ security within the 2.0 era, Sergio de Eccher (1977) has focused his research on the role of the Internet within the authoritarian States. During his 5 years of Phd studies at University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), he has examined the role of the Internet in China and the strict regulations imposed by the Chinese government on its cyberspace. His book “Escaping from the Great Firewall”revolves around Chinese users’ perception of the Internet freedom issues present in China and its core focuses on the Internet habits of the typical Chinese user within a controlled web environment. The innovation of this project is based on the implications occurring after that a Chinese user living in Italy, accustomed to the pervasive Internet censorship present within the Chinese Internet, starts benefiting from an open Internet dimension within a democratic country, as the Italian cyber-society.


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Escaping from the Great Firewall
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Escaping from the Great Firewall - Sergio de Eccher.pdf

Escaping from the Great Firewall - Sergio de Eccher.pdf



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